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Тема: Современная ретро-музыка (New Retro)
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Современная ретро-музыка (New Retro)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cw5nlzbzLk Every moment's Like a step unknown To finding both our function We could burn out Like our heroes' ghosts But that's a chance worth taking Leave all reason at the door Coz the writing's on the wall The sunshine's gone Maybe it's to...
08 фев 2019, 23:16
Форум: Музыка
Тема: Музыкальная флудилка
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Музыкальная флудилка

08 фев 2019, 13:53
Форум: Игры
Тема: Ждем выхода
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Ждем выхода

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